1986Establishment as Flavo Foods CC
1998Aquisition of Flavo Foods CC by the French Group SIAS MPA

many important changes are made to the corporate structure:

  • SIAS MPA Holding is acquired through a L.B.O. (Leverage Buy out) by the French Capital Venture Fund: BUTLER CAPITAL PARTNERS (BCP).
  • SIAS MPA changes its name to ATYS and SIAS FLAVO FOODS becomes ATYS South Africa.

takeover agreements signed by BCP, in which management will be progressively turned over to AGRANA, a leading Austrian food company.

  • AGRANA is 100% shareholder of the former ATYS Group.
  • AGRANA merges all its Fruit prep activities in to AGRANA Fruit preparation Division.
  • ATYS South Africa becomes AGRANA Fruit South Africa.
  • AGRANA Fruit South Africa opens second plant in Johannesburg
  • AGRANA Fruit South Africa closes its plant in Cape Town, keeping a warehouse on site for local customers



The natural upgrade.

  • Sugar.
  • Starch.
  • Fruit.